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The camping ticket is included with the 3 day festival-ticket.

The authorised camping areas are a maximum 2000 meter (camping area "Tal") from the festival site, and are supervised 24 hours a day. Camping area "Berg" can not be reached by car, but camping equipment can be carried on the transit bus to the Festival site. Camping area "Tal" is reserved for 3 day festival-ticket holders only.

It is widely recognised that one of the most wonderful aspects of the festival is the location. To be able to site the camping areas by the tauber river and to be able to camp in the natural environment of the tauber valley are good arguments for keeping it clean. Protect the environment.

Also available for campers are tents with toilets and showers, parking areas and bus stops.

A plan of the Festival site is available on these pages under Arrival.

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